The Safest Shackle
on the Market Today.

The patented Vic-Lok domestic shackle is used for permanent applications specifically designed and manufactured to be fabricated onto the end of single-leg up to four-leg slings. These shackles come in a variety of sizes and are the strongest and most modern shackles on the world market today. The engineering and metallurgical makeup of the Vic-Lok shackle is formulated with durability and saltwater intrusion in mind, the two most common factors that determine the lifespan of any shackle. The Vic-Lok shackle is manufactured in the USA and has been approved by many oilfield service companies as well as the major oil companies.

Vic-Lok Captivated Shackles Products


When safety matters, there’s only one choice. The Vic-Lok Shackle cannot be removed from the sling. This prevents losing the shackle and prevents replacing it with another possibly undersized or damaged shackle. This patented family of modern shackles is setting the trend for companies who have equipment with single or multiple lifting points where a sling set is needed for transportation purposes. The Vic-Lok shackle also has a feature very important to the diving industry, which makes it the most ROV friendly shackle on the market today..... Read More

About Vic-Lok

Owner Vic Segura designed this shackle to help companies have a safer, stronger and more modern shackle to use in all listing applications worldwide. "The VIC-LOK is one of the first shackles designed to address the most common shackle-related safety concerns," said Vic Segura, Owner. "As shackles are often stored separately from the slings, we designed this permanently captivated shackle to eliminate the dangerous risk of shackles that are too small for the load, or different sizes on the same sling, leading to an unbalanced lift." ..... Read More



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